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How to Stand Out as a Real Estate Agent

1. Get Your Own Website as a Real Agent

When you work with a major agency, they typically give you a website on their domain. Get your own website to distinguish yourself from the cookie-cutter template and to help you as you venture into real estate marketing. Your own website can help you have a bit more autonomy with the resources you want to offer and the brand you want to establish.

You may want to consider reading up on the best strategies to help your site show up in search engines. SEO and the digital marketing world are constantly changing, so keep up on the latest trends or hire a company to do it for you.

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2. Create a Lead Magnet for Your Website

What to look for in a real estate agent, how to find the perfect house, etc. Once you’ve got the person’s email address, you can contact them and offer your services.

3. Find Your Specialty

Agents who specialize are better able to reach clients in their niche. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to do this. You could specialize in working with a particular type of clients such as first-time homebuyers or people who need to sell quickly due to a job relocation. You could specialize in a particular neighborhood or in selling a certain type of homes like multi-family homes or beachside homes. The possibilities are endless, but any direction can increase your chances of being the go-to source in a particular subset of the market.

4. Make Yourself Available

This is one of the most important ways real estate agents can stand out. Real estate is a fast-paced industry, and if you don’t return calls or emails soon after you get them, you may lose out to another agent with the faster response time. Though it’s somewhat inconvenient, it’s smart to think of yourself as working round the clock. Use a smartphone so that you can easily respond to questions no matter where you are.

5. Go the Extra Mile

An agent who really goes above and beyond is more likely to get referrals than one who does the bare minimum, and you really should be thinking about how to increase word-of-mouth referrals. Take the time to really get to know your clients so that you’re only showing them homes that really meet their needs. Offer a free moving truck for people to use after the sale. Check-in with people after the sale to see how they’re settling in. Give a thoughtful gift post-sale, such as flowers for the new garden or a gift card for a local home improvement store. These little things add a certain touch that clients love.

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6. Choose Marketing that Makes an Impression

If you want to differentiate yourself, you can’t have the same old business cards that everyone gets from their agency. Spend a bit more money to get premium business cards. Consider using rich colors in the design, a custom die-cut or having the card made from a material other than the standard card stock. When sending direct mail, choose a unique size that will stand out when someone takes it out of the mailbox. These techniques make people take a second look at your advertising.

7. Strengthen your Brand

If you haven’t already, work with a graphic designer to create a logo and brand colors for your business. Then, purchase everyday items with your logo that will keep you front of mind with potential customers. This could include anything from pens to drink koozies, candy dishes to flash drives, and can be tied into your personality and your ideal client.

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