Before purchasing a property, there’s a need to ensure choosing the best realtor to cater for one’s interests, this is why it is important to familiarise oneself with the top ten real estate agencies in Nigeria.

Whether you are an individual, group of people or corporate ventures, you will always need the service of Real Estate Agency to help you get that land you need to structure your work station. You may need them to help you get an apartment that is tastefully furnished to satisfy your demand, or you need to get a fantastic workspace. Whichever needs that you would require their service for, be sure to know that it would save you from unnecessary stress and help you reduce costs in some strategic ways.

If you are getting a property from an authentic Real Estate Agency, you do not need to be scared about been duped by land sellers or property owners. The Real Estate Agency would have done their background check before they approve any property for sale or lease. If you ever feel you need the service of a Real Estate Agency in Nigeria, this article is just a perfect one for you.

We have compiled a list of top Real Estate Agencies in Nigeria. It is pertinent for you to know that these agencies have been tested over time, and their geniunity is the yardstick that was used to make this list.

Sachio Properties

Sachio is one of the leading online real estate agencies in Nigeria. They help reduce the stress of searching for a property by linking you with property owners right from the comfort of your home. As if that is not good enough, the online platform also has a tailor-made space for the advertisement of properties. With this, you can easily find the best property for you across Nigeria.

123 Grace Of God Homes

123 Grace of God Homes in a Lagos based Real Estate broker. They are registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), so there is no need for doubt. They are experts at what they do, and they have amazing properties that will suit the need for any individual or corporate firm.

Reasonably, the tenacity of their work is based on trust and transparency. You need not worry about your budget when dealing with them. Whether you have a high or low budget, they will surely get a perfect property that would fit your budget.

360 Luxe Limited

360Luxe Limited is one of the most efficient real estate agencies in Nigeria. It is carefully situated in the heart of Lagos city, Lekki Phase1, to be precise. The aims and objectives of this real estate broker are to provide an enabling environment for everyone who desires to own a property in Nigeria to get it without stress.

They stand top among other real estate agencies in Nigeria by providing top-quality properties to their clients without compromising the integrity state of the company.

4-tee Properties & Investment Ltd

4Tee Properties and Investment Limited is a real estate agency company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Aside from buying, selling, or leasing properties, they also provide astute helpful advice to their customers.

They are registered under the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC), and they have the legal right to carry out any real estate business in Nigeria. 4Tee Properties and Investment prides themselves, among others for prioritizing the interest of their customers.

4scores Total Solutions

At 4scores Total Solutions, professionalism and efficacy are their watchwords. They ensure that the interest of their clients is satisfied in every business deal. There is nothing more thrilling for them than the comments of satisfied clients.

If you ever need the service of a real estate agency, think of 4scores Total Solutions.

5&6 Global Ventures

Just like the name implies, 5&6 Global Ventures is a real estate agency that takes pride in connecting people of similar interests together, for that will leave each party satisfied.

Also, they have seasoned real estate experts that will give helpful advice to customers that will provide them with an insight on how to make the right decision.

Crawford Real Estate Agency

Unlike many other real estate agencies in Nigeria that have their chain of properties across the country, Crawford Real Estate Agency only specializes in selling lands in Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos. Frequently, they offer professional advice to their clients to enable them to invest in the future by purchasing a piece of land in Ibeju Lekki.

One of their beliefs is that real estate agencies should not be about selling lands to build alone but also for investing because those lands will bring considerable returns in years to come. If you are a die-hard investor looking to utilize the opportunity to become a landlord in Lagos, chose Crawford Real Estate Agency.

Property Deal Zone

Property Deal Zone is a one-stop place to check when you need the service of a real estate agency. They have a wide range of properties across the length and breadth of the country, and you can carefully select the best property that suits your need.

Property Deal Zone has an amazing option for different caliber of individuals or investors. Whether you have a high or low budget, with them, you are sure to get a property based on your budget.

Brokerfield Real Estate Agency

Brokerfield Real Estate Agency offers wide property options for individuals and corporate entities. Whether you want a tailor-made house, or land, or office space, Brokerfield Real Estate Agency is your best bet.

Their credibility has been lauded overtime by satisfied clients, and this has positively increased their pedigree as a Real Estate hub in Nigeria.


Chaman properties is a real estate agent and property consulting firm. Whether you need a property, or you need advice on anything about ownership, Chaman Properties is your best bet.

They believe business is about building and sustaining a good relationship with the client; that is why the interest of the customer is considered a top-notch priority.

There is a lot of risks in trying to purchase property by oneself. This is why it is important to seek the help of professional bodies whose sole duty is to help you reduce the stress and risks of being duped. Be sure to pick from this list of top ten real estate agencies in Nigeria if you need to purchase or rent a property.

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