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10 Top Real Estate Agency In Nigeria

Buying or selling a house or property comes with a truckload of stress and sometimes indecision if you don’t know the steps to take. Making a property sale or purchase requires you to seek quality advice, useful tips, guidelines, procedures, and complete enlightenment from professionals who are regulars in the game. This is where a reliable real estate agency in Nigeria comes in.

Before getting yourself involved in a property purchase, there are a host of factors you should put in utmost consideration, and one of the most delicate ones is your budget stricture. before getting yourself involved in a property sale or purchase and one of the most delicate ones

If you plan to sell a property, however, you would also need to employ the services of a real estate agency in Nigeria because that’s the haven where you’ll find the best advice that would guide you in making the most profitable decision.

Giving you advice regarding making a property sale or purchase isn’t the only job of a real estate agent, it goes beyond that. You get to be shown different options and possible outcomes that would be birthed by whatever decision you make do with. This guide provides you with a list containing ten top real estate agencies in Nigeria. Enjoy.

1. Sachio Properties

Location – Victoria Garden City, Lagos.

Sachio Properties headlines this list, given how it has a strong connection and access to a lot of real estate and properties all over Nigeria. The company deals in the rentage and sales of apartments, hotels, houses, bars, restaurants, spas, offices, stores, lands, and so on.

It also has properties scattered in Epe, Lekki, Ikeja, and other top sites in Nigeria, all available for sale, lease, and rentage.

Sachio Properties is one of the top companies in this field and for the duration it has been in existence, it has impressed a host of clients with top-quality service.

2.  Brokerfield Real Estate Service Ltd. (B.R.E.S)

Location- Broad Street, Lagos

This company is a part of the Akin Olawore & Co. which is well known for its excellent services of more than 25 years. As a real estate agency, B.R.E.S has provided professional services of more than 5 years, to the satisfaction of customers. They are able to identify the needs of customers, create analysis on the property market, and provide the best services.

Providing excellent advice on corporate investment, managing real estate portfolios, leasing, selling, and buying of real estate, this agency has earned a high reputation which keeps them among the best real estate agencies in Nigeria.

3. Jide Taiwo & Co.

Location – Victoria Island, Lagos.

This company is not only one of the oldest real estate companies in Nigeria but is also one of the more frontline agencies in the country. Since its establishment in 1980, the company has gone on to open more than 20 offices in Nigeria, and with the wealth of experience it has up its sleeves, it is also one of the most trusted in the game.

The services rendered by the company aren’t available or patronized by individuals alone, as institutions, corporate organizations, as well as the marine, rail, and aviation industries, can buy their services.

Malls, hotels, filling stations, and residential homes are just some of the assets they lease and sell.

4. Property Link Real Is Investment Ltd.

Location – GRA Phase 2, Lagos

This firm is out to provide competitive real estate services that cover the needs of customers. Providing excellent services that are usually patronized by individuals, as well as Government institutions, cooperative societies, and various companies. They are trusted and have executed various real estate deals to the satisfaction of customers.

As one of the largest independent companies that manage real estate portfolios, this firm provides its services at a good price and creates flexible payment plans to enable customers to comfortably to make purchases. They are also involved in real estate development and brokerage.

5.  Dupine Properties

Location – Akobo, Ibadan.

Property valuation, property development, as well as buying and selling of homes and landed properties are the services offered by Dupine Properties.

This real estate agency is located in Ibadan and has overseen loads of deals in the state. It is a trusted company and promises to provide quality service to its clients.

6. Enugu Lifestyle & Golf City

Location – Enugu-PortHarcourt Expressway, Enugu.

Enugu Lifestyle & Golf City is a real estate company in the far east and has a secure connection with estates international, and international network of real estate professionals.

Making sure there’s a provision of properties at relatively affordable prices is the principal objective of this company, and they provide quality services too.

7. Kings Court Realtors

Location – Victoria Island, Lagos.

Kings Court Realtors is a real estate agency that has amassed a wealth of experience in the business, offers high-quality services to its clients, and is also one of the top companies in the game.

The company oversees the development, leasing, management, and selling of properties in the country. Property and facility maintenance are the other services they render.

8. Fine and Country Real Estate Agency

Location – Ikoyi, Lagos.

This is a global agency that has won multiple awards given how much excellence they include in their service deliveries. They make quality investment offers to buyers, and render top-notch services to sellers alike.

This company is one of the very few global real estate agencies in the country and offers premium services to clients.

9. Jos Property Finder

Location – Jonah Jang Way, Jos.

If you’re in Jos and are looking for a really dependable real estate agency into the business of selling houses and other landed properties, then Jos Property Finder is at your beck and call. The company provides impressive services and goes a long way in keeping its clients satisfied.

10.  Property MAX Results Ltd

Location – New Bodija, Ibadan.

Property MAX Results is a well-known real estate agency offering professional services to its customers while giving them maximum satisfaction.

The company is skilled in dishing out well-needed information, offer various services on property development, property valuation, renting solutions, and other services.


You would need a map-like guide if you’re interested in either leasing, selling or buying a home or landed property, and that is what this list has provided you with.

There are different companies included in this list that you can make your pick from to get quality information and services from. You can also visit the website of any of the real estate agencies above to make any inquiries or ask any questions.

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