Novare Real Estate Nigeria explains information regarding the sale of Novare Malls

Information about Novare Malls’ sale is provided by Novare Real Estate Nigeria.

The recent news and media reports that listed four of Novare Real Estate Nigeria Limited’s Grade A retail properties for sale in Lagos and Abuja have been clarified.

With activities all throughout the African continent, Novare is still a provider of investment solutions. Its products include a variety of asset classes and include real estate funds, impact investing funds, multi-managed funds, and implemented investment consulting.

Novare launched two real estate funds in accordance with its primary business to build shopping centers in Nigeria and other African nations. A portion of the original Fund’s investors are looking to sell their interests in the retail properties to new investors after the investment tenure has expired, which is why they are placing advertisements in the media.

Therefore, we would like to make it clear that Novare, a provider of investment solutions, still has interest in the Nigerian real estate market and is not pulling out of it. We also want to point out that the bulk of the Funds’ investors are confident in the Nigerian real estate market and aren’t showing any interest in the for-sale properties.

While bridging Nigeria’s retail real estate gaps and developing cutting-edge real estate investment prospects for both local and foreign investors, Novare is still devoted to its presence there and will keep growing there.

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