5 Best Residential Estates in Abuja

5 Best Residential Estates in Abuja

Have you been wondering what the 5 best residential estates in Abuja are? Perhaps you are thinking about relocation, and you need a piece of credible information about the best of the best estates to move to? We’ve got you covered with our up-to-date list of the best estates in the metropolis! 

If you are a first-time visitor to the city, the appealing landscape, nice-to-feel weather, peaceful neighborhoods, and lots of job opportunities will quickly come to your notice. As such, it is not hard to see the reasons why Abuja needs to feature in the list of the best cities in the world. So, here is our list of the best residential estates in Abuja that you can relocate to. 

Efab Estate

Efab estate is positioned in a residential part of Abuja that is known as Lokogoma Cadastral Zone C09. But then, the estate is spread to other parts of the city. Lokogoma is about a 25-minutes’ drive from the heart of the city and 30-minutes’ drive from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. The estate occupies a space of about 60 hectares and also a neighboring estate to the Prince and Princess estate in the same location. 

Such expanse of land is needed to accommodate more than 800 housing units found in the estate. Efab estate have 3-4 bedroom detached bungalows and five-bedroom duplexes in the estate. Also, the estate have a boys quarters for each of the housing units in the estate. It location of the estate is such that people living in different parts of Abuja can easily access it. 

It is also a neighboring estate to the Sunny and SunCity Ville estates. An interesting characteristic of Efab estate is the fact that it is located in an environment that is not dense. Also, you can easily access the estate from the Gaduwa Express road. Plus, it is close to Mechanic Village and Shoprite, a world-class shopping. Plus, it easily connects to the Airport road. 

Services and infrastructure available in the estate are Pedestrian walkways/Tarred Roads and High-Security fence built around the entire estate. Efab enjoys an Unceasing Electricity from the National Grid, Satisfactory Drainage System, Treated Water, Street Lights, and Corner Shops/Hospital/Schools in the estate. Residents also enjoy a 24/7 Surveillance/Security, Supply/Bore Hole, Cleaning and Gardening/Landscaping Services, and Maintenance Services and Facility Management.

Sunny Vale Homes

Even though Sunny Vale Homes is a relatively new estate in the metropolitan, it is part of the 5 best residential estates in Abuja. Vale Homes includes more than 1,500 housing units occupying a landmass of over 101 hectares. It is precisely located in around the Dakwo District, a serene suburb that is amount five minutes of driving distance from the Games Village. Sunny Vale Homes is found in a gated area, which is very comforting. 

It features state-of-the-art amenities that include a Community Sports Centre, Shopping Mall, a recreational building, and a Police Station. Sunny Vale house type is; bedroom twin bungalow, bedroom detached duplex, and semi-detached bungalow, all with all the boys’ quarters having two rooms. Sunny Vale Homes is completely secured, meaning that it offers a level of security to its occupants; hence, you have nothing to fear!

Goshen Villa Estate

Goshen Villa is part of our list of the 5 best residential estates in Abuja. It is an exquisite estate that is home to people with opulent lifestyles who have a taste for top-notch buildings. It features a central water supply and treatment facility to makes sure that its occupants enjoy a constant supply of potable water. 

Goshen Villa is fortified with impressive infrastructure that “wow” you on your first visit, and it is not very far from the Abuja FCT City Gate. Another desirable characteristic of this estate is the variety it captures, with people from different ethnicities and states of the country residing in it. It is 30 minutes far from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, about 2 minutes far from the National Stadium.

Also, the estate has an impressive system of tarred roads with lawns that are landscaped. The frontage of each of the housing units also functions as parking space that can accommodate two cars, leaving the needed space to enter the front door.

 Crown Court, Mabushi Abuja

Crown Court is another lifestyle estate that made it to our list of the “5 best residential estates in Abuja”. Crown Court is located in the Mabushi area of the metropolis. It is made up of about 106 condo units, plus semi-detached and completely detached houses. It is a recent estate that was fully completed in the fall of 2012. 

It’s amenities and are key features: Independent Power supply, own telephone exchange, industrial boreholes systems with extensive but independent waterworks, clubhouse, gym and swimming pool, estate mini-mart that can meet your everyday needs, recreational area, laundry mart, state-of-the-art civil works (paved roads, walkways, and underground drains), and a highly environmentally friendly neighborhood.

Peggy’s Pointee

Peggy’s Pointee was built and designed with all grandeur, imagination, tranquility, comfort, and style-related with wealthy living. It is possibly one of the most cherished residential buildings in the Maitama District of Abuja. What is true is the fact that it is an expensive estate and home to the crème de la crème in Abuja. 

It includes modern services and facilities such as a top-notch swimming pool, fully packed gymnasium; restaurant and bar, basketball court, tennis court, playground for children, “the sanctum,” football pitch/jogging track, suite for massage, games room/clubhouse, convenience store, business lounge, fire detection alarms, panic/intruder alarm system, Laundromat and lots more.


Our list includes some of the best fact-backed information of the 5 best residential estates in Abuja. When we pieced some factors such as the locations of the estate, the quality of the material, and the amenities that can be found in the estate together to arrive at this list. So, if you are planning on living in an estate that has some of the best living conditions, then give these a try!

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