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How to Deal with the Real Estate Business: A Real Estate Guide

Real estate refers to an immovable item that is permanently affixed to the land. It has risen to prominence as a result of the rise in private property ownership. Every real estate transaction necessitates a level of expertise in this industry. Experts are constantly dealing with a fantastic piece of property. Appraisals, brokerages, construction, property […]

Internet real estate listings vs. newspaper listings

Internet real estate listings vs. newspaper listings Whether you’re looking to buy a property to live in or simply invest in real estate, you’ll need to get your hands on real estate listings first. The most frequent sources of real estate listings are the Internet and newspapers. Internet real estate listings have become one of […]

Tips for being a successful real estate investor

Becoming a successful real estate investor is a difficult task. To be a successful real estate investor, you must be able to locate and put together strong real estate investment projects. It is not your responsibility to become a real estate closing attorney, a management specialist, or a construction worker. Make use of the experts! […]

Oyo illegal occupiers have been served with a vacate notice

The Oyo State Government has threatened to prosecute all illegal tenants of government properties, warning that those who do so will face the full force of the law. Olusegun Olayiwola, the Commissioner for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, issued the warning during a tour of several of the Government Reserved Areas (GRAs), saying that anyone […]

Affordable and first 3D-printed home in Africa

A carbon footprint 70% smaller than traditional housing that could transform African urbanization There is a housing disaster taking vicinity throughout many components of Africa. Nigeria by myself has an anticipated shortfall of 17 million housing units. Part of the hassle is that each day round 40,000 human beings relocate to one of all Africa […]

10 Startup Tips for Real Estate Business in Nigeria

Investing in real estate is one of the best methods you can employ to secure a future for yourself, as well as guarantee your financial freedom. However, when acquiring a property you need to take into account certain factors so that your investment yields and is fruitful. As would be subsequently discussed, the following are […]

No More Mistakes With Deed Of Rectification

WHAT IS A DEED OF RECTIFICATION? A Deed of Rectification is used to correct errors or mistakes made on a registered property document which was discovered after the registration. The errors are usually in relation to name (spelling, title or designation), land size or land shape. Where the Rectification is based on a wrong Survey […]



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