A new collection of exposed wood-frame sofas inspired by the mid-century modern era, the first exposed solid wood frame collection. The most simple things are the most original the most original thing is to be simple. The essence of this designed is contained in its simple and natural form a design created to be close to African tribe of friends, just as its designer states. Simply original, aesthetic, very exotic and colorful art work.


Colors that are both rich and deep, coupled with more natural components, are what you will find in most African-inspired designs, and all of which will add a sense of comfort to any space that they occupy. This particular style is more about using aspects such as earthy tones and natural materials. At the same time, keep in mind how a more traditional African home looks.

Kitchen and Dining


Since the African design style obviously originates from Africa, it’s no secret that the main colors of this style are more warm. Typically, you will see the following colors most of all:

  • Yellow
  • Ocher
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Brown
  • White milk podton

As you can see, there are practically no cool colors in this style whatsoever. the warm colors used will tend to make this space feel like it is being filled with sunlight, even on cooler days, and especially in environments where the sun is barely seen much.



The plain wooden floor as this style is also one that is very popular throughout most parts of Southern Africa, mostly due to the fact that these floors remain cool in climates that are hot. If you choose to go with this type of flooring, painted in neutral brown.