What’s this? Have you looked at your calendar for the weekend and found that you are not as booked as usual? While it’s a great opportunity to relax, it’s also the perfect opportunity to use the lag time by setting up a plan to drive your business forward.

Sure, quarterly or biannual business meetings do the bulk of your planning, but it does not hurt to review your action plan every few weeks to make sure everything goes smoothly – and you do not want to miss all the opportunities you’ve had the last time did not know when you sat down and talked about business strategies.

So what can you do this weekend to sharpen your business model?

Step 1: Go through your existing business plan.

Note that you have left action items on the track? Implement a new strategy to get them back in the game and make sure they are not forgotten. This may mean that you take care of the elements yourself. If you have not received them for the first time, this might be a good time to delegate the tasks to make sure they are done.

Step 2: Optimize all strategies.

Adjust any strategies that are currently implemented that make no sense because of market shifts, changes in your organization, or innovations that have introduced a simpler way to achieve the desired end result. A good way to do this? Check in with your REALTORS® colleagues. What systems do they have to help them achieve what they want to achieve? Some quick online research can uncover technical systems that could really benefit your business.

Step 3: Get everything in writing.

Apart from the usual appointments or performances that take place during the weekend, this free time can prove unproductive if you do not take the time to write these new action items in an e-mail or an instruction to other members Team or in handwritten notes in your business planner, if you prefer a concrete approach.

Apart from errands and brunch, you can use your rare weekend time to really change your business. It just takes a little dedication and a lot of attention, especially when the nice weather and tantalizing events call your name. Remember, the more you can plan in advance, the less redundant work will be required in the long run. This will free up your future weekends, allowing you to live a more balanced life.