A Mobile Toilets or a mobile toilet is a toilet that is easy to move. These can be toilets that can be brought on site, eg. For example, a festival, a concert or a construction site to quickly provide sanitation services.

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Mobile Toiletss are used at concerts, family gatherings and many other occasions in outdoor locations where there is no access to sanitary and sanitary systems. You are probably aware of the comfort and hygiene benefits, but did you know that using a Mobile Toilets also has environmental benefits?

Environmental benefits of Mobile Toilets

1. Avoid the danger of diseases

Mobile Toilets waste can pollute water supplies, damage wildlife and vegetation, and spread disease to humans if not properly disposed of. Once human waste has entered a natural environment, it can be carried by feet, paws, hooves and insects. Harmful microorganisms that occur in human waste thrive in streams and cold water and cause infections such as giardia, which cause intestinal complaints. In Mobile Toilets, human waste is kept for safe disposal.

2. Offer efficient sanitation solutions

Modern mobile toilets have features like built-in sinks and more effective flushing technology than earlier models. They can be easily cleaned and disinfected to ensure the health of the user and avoid malodors that affect your outdoor enjoyment.

3. Support of the water protection

Today’s portable flush toilets require at least 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Some pots do not need to be rinsed, further limiting water usage. Many people who conduct eco-friendly events therefore prefer to provide mobile toilets instead of indoor toilets.

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How do mobile toilets work?

Maybe not your usual question, but you might wonder how Mobile Toilets work. We have decided to give you a brief overview.

Mobile Toilets consist of 4 core components:

  • Toilet seat
  • Keep tank
  • flushing mechanism
  • printing system

A Mobile Toilet flushes and transports waste like a conventional toilet, but the waste is not transported into a sewer but into a storage tank below it. The tank is located in the Mobile Toilet unit under the toilet seat. Containers contain chemicals that degrade solid waste, kill germs, destroy odors, and reduce toilet paper.

When rinsing a Mobile Toilet either water is used, which comes from a hidden water tank in the toilet, or it is flushed with the toilet chemicals from the holding tank. This tank holds all the waste and liquids, so no commercial drainage or water supply is required for commercial Mobile Toilet units.

Check out our Mobile Toilet category and price listing.

The flusher is operated by hand or foot. The pump wash system generates pressure that circulates the water and / or chemicals contained in the tank through a pipe to be transported to the toilet tub.

Toilets are regularly maintained to fill toilet paper, water and detergent, and to comply with hygiene standards. For information our Mobile toilet pricing see our guide!

How to clean Mobile Toilet

Mobile Toilets can become very bad if not regularly cleaned and maintained. To properly clean a Mobile Toilet, you will need:

  • Antibacterial spray
  • High pressure wash
  • Toilet chemicals-replacement fluid
  • Liquid for odor removal
  • Exchange of toilet paper
  • Replacement consumables (paper, hand sanitizer)
  • PPE equipment
  • Antibacterial spray

Our antibacterial high-performance spray prevents the proliferation of bacteria at the usual speed and shortens the life of bacteria. We make sure that the surfaces of our Mobile Toilets meet the highest standards of purity that are practically achievable. We pay close attention to areas of difficult access where germs try to hide, paying special attention to clean door handles, seats and toilet flush switches.

High pressure wash

With a hot high-pressure wash cycle, dirt is removed that enters the Mobile Toilet from the outside. The temperature of the hot wash kills the living bacteria. The combination of the two allows a clicking and hygienic cleaning process.

Toilet liquid

Human waste is dangerous, it can contain germs that can lead to viruses and diseases. It is vital that chemicals are re-added to the system after each cleaning to kill harmful bacteria and prevent their spread.

Some waste chemical waste chemicals contain toxic formaldehyde. Other toilet chemicals are made without formaldehyde, so are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Liquid for odor removal

Odors have a positive or negative effect on our perception. We use a range of odor-removing fluid systems to enhance your experience with our Mobile Toilets.

Exchange of toilet paper

Toilet paper needs to be changed regularly. This is recommended to make sure something is always available.

Replacement consumables

Consumables need to be changed as often as the toilet paper in case of an unprecedented increase in consumption. Hand soaps and desiccants are essential to meet health and safety standards.

Mobile Toilets require extremely high levels of cleaning to meet the hygiene standards required for reuse.

We offer a Mobile Toilet emptying service for customer-owned units. Read more about it here.