1- Ask for a copy of a survey plan and get a Surveyor to ensure the site you’ve visited fall within the stipulated survey plan.

2- Ask for a copy of the land document. Check the authenticity of land documents at the Land Bureau at Alausa, Ikeja.

3- Schedule a site visitation; ensure the land you visit falls within the coordinates stipulated on the survey plan. At the site, ensure you go with a Surveyor or use a GPS to pick the coordinates of the site.

4- Use the coordinates to cross-check what the plot of land has been set aside for, from the Master Plan at the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, Alausa.

Avoid lands that’s been set aside for agricultural purposes or allocated for government use. Stick to lands allocated for residential purposes.

5- Demand to see the layout plan and pick a suitable plot if it is available before purchase.

6- Ask questions about if there’s any dispute or litigation over the Land. Find out if the land was inherited or bought.

7- Make sure dates check out. Cross-check documents to ensure they aren’t fake.

8- Documentation is vital for referencing and you should ensure the documents are detailed.

9- Inspection of the land is paramount.

10-Always request for the company’s account for payment.

11- After purchase do not delay in documentation payment, ensure all documents are sealed ( Contract of sales, Survey plan, Deed of assignment).