Creating A Successful Online Listing For Your Rental Home

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Create a Property Rental Internet Listing That Gets You Noticed


It need not be challenging to keep your vacation rental or bed & breakfast busy throughout the year. The following advice will help you write a property listing that will draw more buyers to your property.


Organizational Contact Information

The most crucial aspect of your property listing is the contact information for the property. By providing as many ways for people to get in touch with you as you can on your rental ad, you increase your chances of responding to them quickly and winning their business. Include all of your contact information, including email and WhatsApp, that you sporadically use. The visitor will believe that since you’ve provided contact information, you’ll be checking it frequently.


Create an Informative Headline

Write a catchy, succinct, and direct headline for your rental property listing. For instance, if a young professional fits your target renter profile, your headline can say:

N50000 – 3 Bed / 2 Bath Nearby Single Family Home with Additional Home Office Space

The headline follows the formula of price, size, location, and amenities and provides potential tenants with all the information they require at a glance.

Real Estate Description

Your rental home can really shine here. Write descriptions that appropriately reflect the appearance of your property, the features it offers, and the exciting local attractions. Keep in mind that some of your visitors may have never been there before and are deciding whether or not this is the area where they want to make their priceless everyday or vacation memories.

Rate Information

Many clients are working with a specified budget for their house. It’s crucial that the rate information they can choose from is precise and comprehensive.


The second-most crucial component of your rental property listing is the photos. Many people base their choice of rental home on how it appears. Listings without photos are almost certainly going to be ignored. Photos of the exterior of the house or bed and breakfast, of the surroundings, such as lakes, rivers, or gardens, of the inside of the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, and of appealing amenities, such as Jacuzzis, hot tubs, and swimming pools, are all useful to tenants.


It would be excellent to include more driving directions or useful landmarks in your rental offering.

Next the creation of your property listing, return the following day and read it as if it were the first time, while also asking yourself a few questions. Does it offer a mechanism for people to reserve your property? Does it convey to the visitor just how amazing it is? Have I added the correct images? Is the house accessible to me? These actions will guarantee that your property is rented out year-round.



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